Community Animal Shelter Capital Campaign

Boone County Animal Care & Control (BCACC) is raising capital funds in a public/private effort to build a modern shelter facility that will meet the needs of a growing community and allow the department to continue to expand it’s lifesaving programs. Through the overwhelming support of the Boone County Fiscal Court and our very generous private donors, we have secured 5.25 million dollars towards our 6 million dollar goal. Boone County recognizes the value in expanded lifesaving programs for the pets in our area, as well as the need to remain fiscally responsible. We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you find our vision worthy of your support.

The Need

The existing animal shelter does not meet modern fire or ventilation standards, has inadequate quarantine space, is not handicap accessible, is energy inefficient, and lacks adequate space for current or future needs of any kind.

BCACC leadership, staff, and volunteers achieve success beyond expectations despite the severe limitations of its current facility.

Image of the current Boone County Animal Shelter building
The current shelter opened in 1979

Learn more about the history of the shelter, its challenges, and the leadership role it plays caring for animals in Boone County and the wider Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati region.

The Vision

Proposed concept for front entrance.

To build a modern facility to improve all phases of BCACC’s mission:

  • To provide services which safeguard the public health and safety.
  • To humanely house and care for animals in its charge.
  • To protect the animals of the community from abuse and neglect.
  • To end the euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals.
  • To provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.

Learn more about how BCACC can achieve this vision through a modern shelter facility

How to Contribute

You can make a positive difference in the lives of animals and their people with your donation to the Boone County Animal Shelter Building Fund.

BCACC has partnered with Northern Kentucky’s Horizon Community Fund to accept your tax-deductible contribution.

Every contribution helps to reach the goal.

Learn more about how to contribute to the Boone County Animal Shelter Building Fund.

A graphic of the Horizon Community Fund logo