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The Vision

The Proposal

Through extensive research and diligent consideration by BCACC, Boone County Administration, and the Boone County Fiscal Court, BCACC sought expert opinions on the operation need, conceptual design, value engineering, and community funding resources for a new community animal shelter. BCACC worked with industry experts to determine the necessity and feasibility of constructing a new animal shelter that will meet the operational needs of BCACC to fulfill its mission in service to Boone County residents.

BCACC provides a number of community services and resources that, while an integral part of functioning as a resource center, are outside the scope of taxpayer responsibility. The public-private partnership for raising funds will allow this facility to act as a true community resource for all of northern Kentucky, while remaining fiscally responsible.

The new shelter facility will include:

  • Improved animal intake and care areas.
  • Improved spaces for human-animal interaction
  • Expanded administration, operations and general staff space
  • New spaces for community education, engagement and partnership